Annie Leibovitz

photograph of annie leibovitz on set with lighting assistant


"A portrait is not like any other kind of photograph. You try to prepare for every sitting – to learn as much about your subject as you can – but it is the time together with them that is the heart of the picture."

Annie Leibovitz


Just as we work with our clients to find out what they want and need, Annie Leibovitz strives to understand who her subjects really are. That’s part of the reason she is able to create the unique, personal portraits that have become her trademark – and why she is the ideal partner, as we ask some of life’s most important questions.

Bringing questions into focus

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Annie Leibovitz at work, as she captures the personalities of some of the entrepreneurs, artists and parents who came together to contribute to our campaign.

Entrepreneur and sailor Bernard Fouquet, on why 60 is a great age.

Vivi Lau

Educational director and parent Vivi Lau, on teaching her son to care about his environment.



annie leibovitz image of peter thum

Social entrepreneur and father Peter Thum, on questioning the status quo.




annie leibovitz image of leticia herrera

Entrepreneur and mother Leticia Herrera, on encouraging children to want to make a difference.



annie leibovitz image of eric chang

Artist and businessman Eric Chang, on stepping into the unknown.

New Annie Leibovitz portraits commissioned by UBS

annie leibovitz at work in gallery

In partnership with UBS, the legendary photographer will create new work that reflects the changing roles of women today. The project is an updating of a series of portraits she made in collaboration with Susan Sontag over fifteen years ago. Starting in London in January, the photographs will be shown in 10 cities in 12 months.

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Life’s Questions

It’s the important things – family, our values, the impact we have on other people – that unite us. And although making sense of it all can be hard, asking the right questions can make things a little clearer.