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Portable water filtration

WateROAM develops highly portable, affordable water filtration solutions that provide the quickest access to clean drinking water at disaster-relief sites, and promotes social change in rural development areas by empowering rural individuals to set up water micro-business at a low start-up cost.

The Problem

Clean water shortage is one of the biggest problems in the aftermath of a disaster and in rural locations. The current solution to transport water into these areas is through heavy, bulky bottled water or filters which are difficult to bring into communities when transport lines are disrupted and costly to setup. People affected often resort to drinking contaminated water, leading to high occurrences of waterborne diseases and death.

The Solution

WateROAM has developed simple, affordable, durable and portable water filters that filter surface water into clean drinking water. 

We have 3 different models: 

  • The ROAMfilter LITE filters about 6-9 L/hour using gravity and weighs 450g. This can serve a family of 5 to 7 people and costs USD25. 
  • The ROAMfilter PLUS uses the concept of a bicycle pump to filter
  • 200L/hour and weighs 4.5kg. It can serve a community of 150-200 people and costs USD250. 
  • The ROAMfilter ULTRA can produce 800L/hour and is able to provide drinking water to 300-500 people. It weighs 45kg and can be flown commercially. It cost USD2900. 

All 3 units have a life span of at least 1.5 years and is simple to operate and maintain.