The GravityLight Foundation

The GravityLight Foundation

Shortlisted Candidate in EMEA

A light powered by gravity

Our aim is to tackle energy poverty and protect the environment through good design. Over 1.1 billion people don't have access to electricity, using dangerous, expensive and polluting kerosene lamps for light. Our first solution, GravityLight, offers a clean, safe and affordable alternative.

The Problem

Kerosene lamps are used by over one billion people without electricity and millions more with unreliable supply. However these lamps are expensive, dangerous and polluting:

  • consuming up to 25% of a families income, ongoing
  • causing eye irritations, cataracts and respiratory diseases
  • causing burns and fires
  • emitting 150kg CO2 / lamp p/a and black carbon, with an intense, localised warming effect

GravityLight aims to eliminate kerosene lamps.

The Solution

GravityLight is a unique off-grid light that generates instant power with the lift of a weight: a bag of rocks or sand. 

GravityLight is unique as it has no batteries – enabling it to be stored long-term and avoiding battery toxic waste. It works independently of the sun – providing a year-round, universal solution. 

GravityLight produces an ambient light as well as powering a string of up to 4 'SatLights' providing flexible, task lighting around a home. It can also power a radio.

Replacing kerosene lamps starts a positive cycle of benefits:

  • paying for itself within around four months, saving families money
  • increasing ‘light hours’, enabling work and study
  • improving health and safety
  • eliminating carbon emissions