Regional Finalist

Linking businesses and charities in Thailand is a lifestyle platform that revolutionize fundraising. We connect businesses, consumers, and local charities to transform spare capacity into funds for local charities in Thailand, and thus, creating a giving ecosystem.

The Problem

Local charities in Thailand are too dependent on international aid, which recently has declined sharply due to world economic crisis. Socialgiver would like to find more sustainable funds for Thai local charities by linking them with the Thai tourism industry - of which its 45% spare capacity values 29 billion USD, and turning service waste (spare capacity) into funds for the social sector.

The Solution

Socialgiver is the solution! Our lifestyle platform enables everyone to give something but get something even better in return: a win-win-win solution for all. 

+H18Businesses give their spare capacity and get meaningful marketing, CSR, cost reduction. 

  • People give funding (via spending on the website) and get to live a more socially conscious lifestyle. 
  • Projects give transparency and get funding to create more impact.