Right to Succeed

Right to Succeed

Regional Finalist

Turning around failing schools in low-income communities

Right to Succeed has a mission to develop, pilot and scale collaborative solutions to educational inequality, where poverty meets education system failure. We've started by developing an evidence-led, collaborative approach to turning around failing secondary schools in low-income communities.

The Problem

The UK education system is a block to social mobility. If you live in the most advantaged quartile and attend a state school, you are 3 times as likely to attend an outstanding school, 1/3rd as likely to attend a school that requires improvement, and 1/10th as likely to attend an inadequate schools as peers in the most disadvantaged quartile. However, there are exceptions, and our role is to make the exceptional into common practice.

The Solution

There is no simple solution to social change, but every recipe we've seen has included 3 factors: focus, intensity and a long term approach. We take this ethos to support failing schools in low-income communities to become world class deliverers of outcomes for their pupils, who are able to learn and improve through data over 4 years.

This involves helping the school embed a world class performance management framework (academic, social, & emotional development, and quality of experience), using the evidence base to identify the solutions to their evidenced challenges (provided by the most effective deliverers available) and monitoring the progress of these interventions in order to learn how to do it better.