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Recycling building materials

Our mission is to enable the circular economy through reuse of building materials and products. By being present in the planning phase of a renovation project and listing available goods in advance up to 50% more materials can be reused. Less trash, less CO2 emissions.

The Problem

Currently in Switzerland, 93 % of building/industry materials and products are disposed of when renovation happens. Only 7% or less are reused. (source: Bauteilclick Schweiz) 

This results in low resource efficiency, high CO2 emissions and a culture of throwaway society. Additionally, these quality used products materials which would are valuable to many SMEs, organizations and individuals are not made available with present processes.

The Solution

To ensure higher resource efficiency and to further enable the circular economy approach our processes need to be optimized. ReWinner enables planning of reuse of materials in advance through its platform and inventory services. 

Through reuse planning, we can reuse significantly higher amount of materials, without having materials in storage.  We collaborate with building owners and industry companies involved renovation projects 3 to 12 months in advance. This way customers are already found for materials and products before that specific construction stage is started and materials are delivered to the buyer "just in time". We enable higher reuse and report our impact to the property owner/industry companies.