Projekt Interim

Regional Finalist

Unlocking vacant property at low cost for residential, cultural and commercial use

Our enterprise, Projekt Interim, uses temporarily vacant property to make available residential and commercial space for individuals and small businesses at extremely low prices. We unlock affordable space by using vacancies (currently over 6 million square meters in Switzerland).

The Problem

Space remains one of the most fundamental needs of people. While over 6 million square meters of property currently lie unused in Switzerland, apartment and office prices remain high in mayor cities. We make affordable space temporarily available for people with limited economic possibilities.

The Solution

We make available vacant space by creating temporary use projects within a very specific legal framework (lend to use). 

Short term use of property (< 5 years) is not known to be profitable among convetional real estate businesses, hence is not considered worthwhile. Our highly efficient processes, special legal framework and large network of users make short term use of property economically profitable for us, reduce costs for owners and offer low cost space to users.