Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals

Shortlisted Candidate in EMEA

Building small children's EQ through games

Peppy Pals develops fun and educational, award-winning apps and books that nurture children's ages 2-8 Social & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through story-telling. We don't use text or language, score-stress or in-app purchases. Our vision is to create a world without bullying, hatred and exclusion.

The Problem

85% of children have been victims of bullying and/or cyber-bullying. In addition, a study from University of Michigan shows that we've become 40% less empathetic the last 30 years. Research shows that early childhood is a critical period for fostering social and emotional learning (SEL). Still, practicing EQ has often been put outside everyone’s responsibility and as a consequences we are now experiencing the negative results.

The Solution

Research suggests that higher EQ reduces the chance of being bullied or bullying others, and that we should practice it from as early on as 2 years old. At the same time, for kids to learn it has to be fun and engaging.

Peppy Pals is the first company in the world that has gamified EQ for kids 2-8 years old. It is designed in close collaboration with recognized early childhood education experts.

In Peppy Pals award-winning apps and books, kids will join five gender neutral animal friends on exciting adventures and learn about empathy, emotions, conflict management and friendship.

By understanding the animals different emotions like anger, sadness and happiness, the kids learn to label and express their own emotions in real life. Peppy Pals also helps them practice empathy, the ability to put themselves in someone else's place, and viewing the world from another person's perspective.