Shortlisted Candidate in EMEA

Phone communication for the deaf

Pedius is a communication system helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to make phone calls, using voice recognition and speech synthesis technologies.

The Problem

Many services are generally only reachable by phone, hence they are not available at all to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

The Pedius team is on a mission to make calling and communicating more accessible for people with disabilities, and they are making a social business of it.

The Solution

Pedius gives Deaf and Hard of Hearing people the freedom to have real-time conversations when they need to call a plumber, book a table at their favorite restaurant, or talk to their doctor.

Users type or speak their message into their iPhone or Android device and Pedius sends it to the contact they choose, using either the user’s own voice or an automated voice through speech synthesis. In real-time the user reads the written translation of the recipient’s answer, thanks to Pedius’ voice recognition software.