Shortlisted Candidate in Switzerland

Dry toilet sanitation system

MoSan is an ecological sanitation solution for emergencies. Poor sanitation infrastructure leads to environmental contamination, disease spreading and social issues. MoSan offers an ecological service and an aspirational mobile dry-toilet to provide people with dignity, safety and hygiene.

The Problem

More than 2.5 Billion people worldwide have no access to sanitation. This leads to disease spreading and environmental contamination. Diarrhoea kills 2195 children every day. In 2015, 375 million people were affected by disasters. People are forced to flee and find shelter in refugee camps – where conventional latrines mostly fail. Feasible and dignified solutions are missing and too often the affected population is not involved in the planning.

The Solution

Mosan offers rapidly-deployable aspirational toilets for slums and refugee camps and offers system design to aid organizations, using the human-centered Design Thinking approach. Human excreta are considered a valuable recourse that can be recycled and reused.

Mosan Toilets are compact and elegant dry toilets for inhome use in privacy. It does not require water, electricity nor chemicals. The seat separates urine and feces into removable container that allow recycling of human excreta. 

Mosan toilets are part of a sanitation service with regular emptying, transport, treatment and recycling of excreta. Through Design Thinking workshops stakeholders and the local population are involved in the design process and receive hygiene education.