Karma Healthcare

2016 UBS Social Innovator APAC

e-Doctor clinics in rural India

Karma Healthcare is a one-of-its-kind social enterprise working to improve access to healthcare in rural India. Through our 'e-Doctor' clinics, we provide online medical consultation with qualified doctors, diagnostic services, referral guidance and medicines in remote parts of India.

The Problem

About 45% of the population in India currently travel more than 100 kilometers to access healthcare from a qualified doctor. Due to shortage of doctors, patients often seek healthcare from untrained and unqualified quacks. This leads to delayed/ incorrect diagnosis thereby increasing disease complexity and financial burden.

The Solution

We operate 'e-Doctor' clinics in rural areas offering the following services: 

  1. Online consultations with qualified and specialist doctors. 
  2. Diagnostic services 
  3. Evidence based treatment - Our digital platform allows us to record patient patient history, treatment prescribed and other health seeking data to make informed decisions . 
  4. Referral services: For patients needing admission/ specialist opinion, we provide extensive hand-holding support counseling. 
  5. Continuous engagement with stakeholders in the community to generate awareness and advocacy about various health development issues including schemes of government.