Justice Rapid Response

Shortlisted Candidate in Switzerland

Legal experts to help investigation of atrocities

JRR improves the quality of fact-finding and investigation of atrocities by providing the international community with readily available, specially trained experts from every region, culture, and legal system. These experts ensure that accountability for these crimes is credible.

The Problem

Today, the investigation of atrocities is mainly carried out by people without the expertise, cultural understanding or training in investigating such crimes. Moreover, the time it takes to mobilize them is seldom fast enough to match political and security windows of opportunity for such an investigation. Without the right experts, quality of investigations suffer, critical evidence doesn't come to light, and justice is harder to achieve.

The Solution

The biggest reason for the above problem has been the lack of a ready, easily accessible facility that can provide every part of the international community in real time with a wide variety of diverse, trained professionals. 

We have built JRR to be a "ne-stop-shop" for human rights and criminal justice professionals who, because of their recruitment through their employers and the training they receive, are able to be deployed when and where such windows of opportunity arise. 

Because they come from every region, culture and legal system, we can ensure that the right experts are available to go to the right place, and at the right time.