Hubbub UK

Shortlisted Candidate in EMEA

Building coalitions for environmental change

We engage a mainstream audience in environmental issues. We collaborate to create fresh solutions to significant environmental problems, delivering impactful and compelling campaigns. We openly share our findings so they can be rapidly replicated at scale across the world.

The Problem

There are deep-seated environmental challenges ranging from the global such as climate change, through to the local such as litter.  All require engagement from all sections of society including individual behaviour change such as reducing food waste. They also require a new approach to engage people to do things differently, including communications that are relevant to peoples’ lifestyles, positive, practical and fun.

The Solution

We have created a highly effective change model that has already attracted widespread corporate support.

We clearly articulate the challenge that we are seeking to address. We bring together a 'coalition of the willing' who wish to collaborate to solve the problem. This group agrees a 'statement of intent' setting at what they wish to jointly achieve. With them we run social experiments built upon in-depth observational research, testing different change models that actively engage the mainstream. We measure impact and openly share findings for others to replicate to achieve impact rapidly and at scale.

This model has delivered award winning campaigns cutting litter and promoting the circular economy