HiGi Energy

Shortlisted Candidate in APAC

Eco-char from water hyacinths

We convert invasive water hyacinth into clean eco-char as cooking fuel. We sell affordable eco-char to rural people as daily fuel and premium eco-char to urban people as barbecue fuel. Each premium eco-char sold, one discount goes to one sack of eco-char for rural people. (Compensation model)

The Problem

Every day, invasive water hyacinth growth aggressively causes problems to over 50 countries globally including flooding, blocked water transportation, inhibited fishing activities, etc. 

Every day, 2.6 billion people globally still chop trees for fuel and we are now turning this plant into smokeless eco-char so people don't have to cut down trees for cooking fuel anymore. 

Every day, the gap between the poor and the rich keeps increasing. Simply lack of compassion.

The Solution

Step 1: We eliminate the problematic plants from water, and convert them into smokeless cooking briquettes. Then, we sell to rural people who need it everyday at an affordable price. With that, we created jobs for rural community for cleaning up water hyacinth, and we reduce pressure on the trees for fuels. We packaged all these as a story.

Step 2: We package eco-char as premium with the story, and sell to urban people as clean barbecue fuel. Now, they are able to realize that doing good can be as simple as having a barbecue with friends & families. 

This is how we create a value cycle out of a problematic plant and push it as alternative cleaner cooking energy, bringing closer the rural and urban community, and preserve the green trees.