Enabling Enterprise

Regional Finalist

Enterprise skills for school children

Enabling Enterprise fills a fundamental gap in education, by ensuring all students develop enterprise skills, experience of the workplace and aspirations to succeed. We work in partnership with employers to make enterprise skill development a regular part of school life for students from 5-18.

The Problem

Our work directly addresses the skills gap between what schools teach and what students need to become effective employees, to complete a university course or to become successful entrepreneurs. 

This gap is reflected in the latest UK report for the Confederation of British Industry, the umbrella group for business, who said "schools are churning out the unemployable". It is also reflected in a substantially higher rate of unemployment amongst young people, compared to the general population (13.7% vs 5.1%).

The Solution

We are working to create a systemic change in how these enterprise and employability skills are developed, by making them a normal expectation of the school system.

We focus tightly on 8 key skills: Leadership; Teamwork; Problem-Solving; Creativity; Aiming High; Resilience; Presenting; and Understanding Others. 

For children aged 5-18 we offer their schools a full enterprise skills curriculum for weekly 'enterprise' lessons, complemented by trips to employers including UBS, teacher training and then a means of quantifiably measuring progress in their skills. Students receive regular enterprise lessons and build a high level of competence in these critical skills, whilst also learning about future career routes which will apply these skills.