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Capacity building for social organisations

Empact is an award winning social enterprise that has made capacity building accessible, affordable and effective to over 250 social purpose organisations with limited resources. Empact unlocks the supply of the critical skills by partnering with individual and corporate volunteers.

The Problem

Taken as a whole, the social sector suffers from a lack of resources and back office operational skills. Social purpose organisations, naturally being focused on their beneficiaries, often neglect talent development and lack the capability to take care of their critical corporate functions, particularly in the areas of finance, HR, IT, and marketing. One of the key results of this is that the organisations are unable to scale their impact

The Solution

Empact channels skills, talents and other resources that are readily available in corporations and community (e.g. individuals) to social purpose organisations. This solution addresses the root cause of a lack of resources in organisational development among social organisations.

Such skills-transfer takes the form of mentoring, training, clinics, consultancy, toolkits and/or subsidised service provision. The organisations not only receive quality service but also at much lower costs (on average 70% less) compared to direct hiring themselves or contracting commercial service providers. The cost saving is achieved through inspiring and mobilising corporate or individual volunteers to utilise their skills to address the capability gap.