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Career and education advice

We believe every student has the right to a quality and relevant education that leads to a career. We specialize in education tech. and offer an online platform which empowers students by giving them choice, advice and convenience in finding the right school for their dream career.

The Problem

Higher Education in the Philippines is a $6bn industry that has failed to consistently and cost-efficiently produce employable college graduates. Of 1.4 million high school graduatess per year, 500,000 will never go to college because they can’t afford it. Of the 900,000 who attend college, 300,000 drop out, usually because they picked the wrong course or can’t afford to continue. Of the 600,000 who graduate, 40% or more are considered completely unemployable.

The Solution

We address the root causes of lack of affordability, relevance and quality of education by allowing students to search for and apply to 4,000+ scholarships; offering students college & career advice on our platform.

Specifically, we provide comprehensive information on job prospects and show the corresponding courses of study & schools that will help them get these jobs, to ensure students choose a relevant course for the career they want; and by allowing students to compare thousands of schools and provide transparency on the level of quality of these schools, so that students can choose well based on parameters they define (cost, location, school-specific offerings).