Edible Garden City

Regional Finalist

Urban farming in Singapore

We champion the urban farming movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore. We want our city to grow food in under-utilized spaces like rooftops and sidewalks. We believe that growing food re-connects urbanites to nature, conserves natural resources, and cultivates a sense of community.

The Problem

We hope to address the following

  1. Food security and food sustainability issues, 
  2. Inequality and Inefficiencies in the food production systems
  3. The general lack of public awareness of the issues surrounding the global food system
  4. The general lack of manpower resources for the agriculture industries globally 

The Solution

Our solutions are:

  1. Increase food production capacity in urban spaces by identifying under-utilized spaces such as rooftops and sidewalks, indoor office spaces, corridors and existing landscaped gardens, above bodies of water and under the sea.
  2. Increase food production capabilities by going vertical and using technology such as sensors and automation.
  3. Create a sustainable food supply and distribution value chain that is fair to local and overseas producers
  4. Develop a educational framework to train and educate future urban farmers.
  5. Develop a communication and PR strategy to draw awareness of food systems globally 
  6. Develop a training, employment and support framework that is inclusive of people with disabilities