Tackling gender-based violence in India

CrowdGuard promotes a community-based approach to lower sexual and gender-based violence, primarily in emerging countries. We follow a participatory and transdisciplinary approach which includes policy making and implementation, peer-based training, and connectivity through mobile phones

The Problem

In India women rarely frequent public spaces after 8 pm because of security concerns. Newly achieved freedoms clash with patriarchal cultures and safety institutions are non-responsive. For fear of being made responsible and further marginalised, many survivors abstain from reporting gender-based crime to the police. This climate of fear also bars women and other minorities from their full political, social and economic participation in society.

The Solution

Our theory of change builds on a socio-ecological model with contributions to initiate changes:

  • on the individual level by skill-building training, supporting information and connectivity to increase self-assertiveness and safe bystander intervention.
  • on the peer level by hosting discussion rounds, workshops and other local activities to de-taboo harassments, stop victim
  • blaming and create role-models of concerned and empowered citizens.!
  • at the community level by creating safe spaces through the implementation and enforcement of code of conducts against
  • discrimination and harassments!
  • at the societal level by co-creating awareness-raising campaigns, and lobbying towards a comprehensive scope and effective implementation of laws and regulations