Choba Choba

2016 UBS Social Innovator Switzerland

A Swiss chocolate brand owned by its cocoa farmers

Choba Choba is the first Swiss chocolate brand co-owned and co-managed by the cocoa farmers. We create super-premium chocolate with a pure taste and allow consumers to have a real and transparent impact on those at the bottom of the chocolate business value chain.

The Problem

The problem is the power imbalance in the chocolate industry! 

Just three companies control 75% of the more than USD 100 billion global chocolate business, while the 6 million small cocoa farmers that produce 95% of world cocoa earn less than USD 2 per day. 

The resulting market price of cocoa is a farce, because it is not fairly negotiated. Cocoa supply chains are usually intransparent, intermediaries are eating the margins and existing industry approaches (e.g. certifications) do not have a real impact.

The Solution

Our business strategy addresses both the socio-environmental as well as the standardized production problem of the chocolate industry. 

We offer:

1. Chocolate directly from the cocoa farmer

  • Cocoa farmers own the brand
  • No middle-men – direct sales through our own e-shop
  • Products are traceable right back to to one farmer and one community

2. Chocolate with a real taste

  • Processed by the top Swiss chocolate maker using cocoa beans from the Alto Huayabamba micro-region in Peru
  • Products are made using a separate process for each cocoa variety
  • Cocoa production, harvesting, fermentation and drying by highly experienced farmers – key for cocoa and chocolate quality
  • three ingredients only: cocoa, cocoa butter and raw sugar