Carbon Delta

Regional Finalist

Identifying the climate change resilience of publicly-traded companies

Carbon Delta is an environmental Fintech that produces research focused on identifying the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. Our models assess how much a company’s value is possibly affected by climate change. We calculate the Climate Value at Risk for thousands of companies.

The Problem

The global financial markets face massive valuation risks in the face of climate change. The market value at risk from climate change is staggering. LSE estimated that $2.5-24.2 trillion is at stake while Citigroup has estimated that over $100 trillion could be wiped off the markets. On 30 August 2016, Aviva’s CEO said: “Climate change in particular represents the mother of all risks – to business and to society as a whole."

The Solution

Carbon Delta's goal is to alert investors to the climate risk profiles of companies, uncovering a global risk within the financial system, which until now has been under-evaluated.

The CARBON DELTA LAB is our software system, where large amounts of heterogenous financial, business, and climate change related data is acquired and merged, models for the different risk factors are implemented and incrementally validated and improved, and reports can be created on demand. The LAB is a flexible, central tool where all climate risk computations can be made while accessing relevant data. 

Using our research, investors will be able to make the right decisions when faced with climate risks.