Regional Finalist

Jobs through digital education

BagoSphere gets rural & urban talents into jobs through micro-funded education in digital and soft skills. It offers an affordable and intensive job preparation bootcamp, teaching high school and college dropouts relevant communication & IT skills in an authentic work setting and get them hired fast.

The Problem

There is no effective way for disadvantaged youth to develop skills that companies need. In the Phillipines: 

  1. 70% of high school graduates do not go to higher education
  2. 40% of those who go to college dropout, 
  3. Among the 500,000 college graduates annually there are huge job/skills mismatches.

The Solution

For youths who have difficulty finding jobs, BagoSphere’s vocational training program provides advanced blended learning in communication and digital skills to meet the job expectations of fast-growing companies in the Philippines. 

Unlike other vocational training programs, our program offers a wide diversity of financial support from tuition micro-loans to scholarships, offers 3X higher employment success rates and connects students to employment opportunities even after training.