Backstreet Academy

Shortlisted Candidate in APAC

Unique travel experiences created by micro-entrepreneurs

Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer impact travel platform for developing countries. We empower disadvantaged communities to become micro-entrepreneurs and create unique travel experiences for tourists, generating additional income to move themselves out of poverty while preserving their culture & heritage

The Problem

We are addressing the problem of poverty & the loss of culture and heritage. More than 1 billion people around the world are still mired in poverty and they need a way to be empowered to participate in economically sustainable activities despite the lack of education, language abilities and technology. Culture and heritage are also losing its status as the younger generation do not see it as a financially viable path, nor are they respected.

The Solution

Our solution is a peer-to-peer integrated online platform that empowers locals in poverty without knowledge of English or access to technology to be able to create unique travel experiences for tourists. Through this, they directly access the tourism industry, generating additional income to move themselves out of poverty, raise their status as masters of the craft and attract people to stay in the practice of their intangible cultural heritage. 

In addition to the online platform where tourists can easily book experiences created by them, we also provide host training programs, local language call/SMS notifications on 2G phones and hyper-local community translator networks to help hosts run the programs for tourists and become micro-entrepreneurs.