ATB Auto Art

Shortlisted Candidate in APAC

Recycling autoparts as furniture

ATB Auto Art Ltd. is the first company in Asia to make use of unwanted auto parts and turn them into high quality furniture. ATB is also a social entrepreneurial business, with an aim to reduce material waste and promote environment sustainability through creative designs and innovations.

The Problem

In 2014, more than 6.5 million tons of municipal solid waste were disposed of in Hong Kong:  it is clear that more sustainable methods of waste reduction and recycling are needed.

Auto part wastage accounts for a high portion of ferrous metal waste, of which a total of 844,000 tons were recycled in HK in 2016. 98% of all municipal solid waste collected was exported to mainland China for processing. Ferrous metal waste accounted for 41% of this revenue.

The Solution

ATB products are made from discarded vehicle parts dumped as scrap metal and destined to be destroyed. Recognizing the beauty in these components, we salvage them, restore them, re-conceptualize their functionality, and craft them into usable, artistic and inspiring furniture and accessories. 

Chic and stylish, each item comes with our Certificate of Authenticity, and is guaranteed to be an original and unique art piece. 

Every ATB creation is an accumulation of inspiration, practicality and artistic form, giving a new perspective to things easily ignored. Which include:

  1. Art Furniture & Lamps
  2. Home Accessories 
  3. Trophies & Souvenirs 
  4. Product Rental 
  5. Custom-made Art Pieces or Solutions 
  6. Upcycling creativity workshop