Alver Futurprotein

Shortlisted Candidate in Switzerland

Food from micro-algae

We have created a range of protein rich foods with Chlorella Micro-algae. Production only requires water, sun and a little sugar. Breakthrough innovation has removed all taste and color and can be added to all foods. This will be the most sustainable source to feed the planet in the future.

The Problem

Solving a growing global food crisis. We are developing a sustainable form of protein for the future. Due to population growth, animal protein is unsustainable. Plant protein demands too much water and is rapidly eroding soil nutrients. Our oceans are over-fished. There is an alarming food shortage.

The Solution

Micro-algae is a future source of protein supported by the FDA and European governments. This innovative micro-algae production is currently the most sustainable, untapped and unlimited resource available. Our aim is to create enough demand, so that we can move production to emerging countries to address their protein needs.