Adris Technologies

Shortlisted Candidate in EMEA

A new monitor for detecting epileptic seizures

We have developed Pulseguard, a new system which detects the onset of an epileptic seizure because of associated heart rate change. It alerts parents and carers so that medical intervention can be provided which will save lives in some circumstances. Around 65,000 people die from epilepsy each year.

The Problem

Epilepsy leads to short lifespan, social disability, injury, brain damage, and death, especially if medical intervention is not given soon after seizures start. Many seizures occur at night and can go undetected because they are 'tonic' (the body stiffens) and are not picked up by the main monitoring systems currently on the market which are ineffective because they only attempt to detect bed mattress movement or noise associated with seizures.

The Solution

Using a wrist or ankle worn monitor, connected to a tablet computer, Pulseguard detects in its user any sudden heart rate change associated with an epileptic seizure and alerts parents, carers or medical staff that a seizure is starting. It can also record heart rate data that the user can give to their consultants to help determine the most appropriate treatment. The Pulseguard Link module also integrates our system with existing third-party systems such as pagers, red button alert telecare systems and even via SMS.