Our network partners in APAC


In APAC, UBS provides support to Social Entrepreneurs and also partners with a select network partners who support the capacity building of Social Entrepreneurs. Here are our current partnerships.

Our partners:

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Foundation for Young Australians


  • FYA is a National independent organization dedicated to all young people in Australia. Its mission is to create change with generations of young Australians; and it's vision is that all young Australians are connected, confident and optimistic about the future, with a deep sense of purpose and belonging.

Our collaboration

  • UBS is the principal partner of Young Social Pioneers – an incubator for emerging social innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and changemakers aged 18-29 years. UBS employees act as business mentors to the Pioneers and their ventures through the program and beyond. UBS employees judge the Pitch Up at the conclusion of the program.

Merry Year Social Company


  • MYSC partners with corporations, government, non-profits, and social enterprises to provide services for social innovation through business. It works to leverage opportunities utilizing human-centered approaches to create shared value (or hybrid value) across sectors.

Our collaboration

  • UBS invested in projects that remodeled old buildings into affordable living spaces and UBS employees took on roles as observers to the MYSC investment management team and as volunteer mentors to the residents of these housings.

Pan-Impact LLC


  • Pan-Impact aims to change the streams of capital to change the world. They are dedicated to spreading the right knowledge and experience in practicing and verifying innovative ideas to generate greater values throughout the economy and society. Pan-Impact volunteers to take the initiative in making our economy and society sustainable in cooperation with government, enterprises and citizens.

Our collaboration

  • UBS employees will participate in a consultative session to be organized in the Seoul Branch office by the CA Partner together with stakeholders including experts on SIB. Aimed to enhance ability to build relationships, the session would give opportunities to UBS employees to share their expertise and skills as needed to help with the success of SI
  • UBS invests in a program called the "Project" that impacts children with special needs to enhance their intellectual abilities and social skills. By providing such interventions, Pan-Impact's intention is for the Project to reduce public social cost.

Social Venture Partners Tokyo


  • SVP Tokyo is a venture philanthropy organization with over 100 highly skilled professional partners with diverse profiles. SVP Tokyo invested in 36 social entrepreneurs, many of them successfully achieved their business targets in 2 years

Our collaboration

  • Since 2009, UBS provided grants and over 1,000 hours of consulting to SVPT and their social entrepreneurs. With the support, the social entrepreneurs received over 50 million yen investment from external sources.
  • UBS skill-based employee volunteers improved the social entrepreneurs management capabilities including hiring process, cash flow, and governance system which resulted in the social entrepreneurs to successfully hire their top executive talents and loans and fundraising.