Regional Finalists


34 social enterprises, selected from over 1200 who applied to UBS Social Innovators 2016 took part in regional bootcamps at the end of October. These 12 were selected by the judging panels to take part in the regional finals and a yearlong accelerator program.


The APAC final was on 22 and 23 October.

Congratulations to Karma Healthcare, who were named as the Asia Pacific UBS Social Innovator 2016.

Karma Healthcare

e-Doctor clinics in rural India

Jagdeep Gambhir of Karma Healthcare told us what taking part in UBS Social Innovators meant to them.

"UBS social Innovators program has been extremely beneficial for our organization. The bootcamp workshop and competition provided a great opportunity to learn, reflect and network at a global level. We very much look forward to the accelerator program which will be catalytic for the growth of our organization."

Edible Garden City

Urban farming in Singapore


Linking businesses and charities in Thailand


Jobs through digital education


The final in Europe, Middle East and Africa took place in London on November 4.

Congratulations to Kiron Open Higher Education, who were named as the EMEA UBS Social Innovator 2016.

Kiron Open Higher Education

Integrating refugees through higher education

Hila Azadzoy of Kiron Open Higher Education told us what taking part in UBS Social Innovators meant to them.

"The UBS Social Innovators Bootcamp has been a tremendously rewarding experience, which allowed us not only to present our social start-up to leading experts from UBS and Ashoka, but also having it challenged by them, discussing various aspects, from our business model to governance structure, intensively. Within this short period we already learned a lot from the valuable insights shared with us. We are incredibly thrilled to be part of the yearlong accelerator program and look highly forward to work closely together with the UBS and Ashoka network on the various exciting challenges that social startups face"

Enabling Enterprise

Enterprise skills for school children


Coordinating surplus food donations

Right to Succeed

Turning around failing schools in low-income communities


The Swiss final was on 3 November.

Congratulations to Choba Choba , who were named as the Switzerland UBS Social Innovator 2016.

Choba Choba

A Swiss chocolate brand owned by its cocoa farmers

Christoph Inaunen of Choba Choba told us what taking part in UBS Social Innovators meant to them.

"The UBS Social Innovators bootcamp and the final has offered us many new inputs and raised important questions for our future. Most importantly, it allowed us to meet mind-liked projects and people. To spend time with people that are also trying to change the world in an entrepreneurial way was highly inspiring and motivating. It's great that UBS allows and pushes these “spaces”. The accelerator program is a great chance for us to bring our company to the next level. Ashoka and UBS have great expertise, and this paired with our enthusiasm and positive energy will for sure have a great impact on the development of Choba Choba"

Carbon Delta

Identifying the climate change resilience of publicly-traded companies

Projekt Interim

Unlocking vacant property at low cost for residential, cultural and commercial use


Recycled bicycles for Africa