Building the social enterprise eco-system in Thailand

1 August 2016 Building the social enterprise eco-system in Thailand

In South East Asia, 95 per cent of coral reefs are endangered. In Thailand the richest quartile of the population own around half of the country’s income, whilst the poorest quartile have less than 10 per cent. Only 38 per cent of the population are educated to a secondary level and social and environmental problems are rife.

The Thai Social Watch Report 2016 described the situation in Thailand as a "development trap". The report describes increasingly aggressive development plans to facilitate “the provision of resources, fuel, energy and transportation to the industrial sector and urban areas”. This short term focus on excavating land resources is driven by transnational companies with little stake in local areas. As a result the resilience and self-reliance of many local communities is being eroded, not least by unsustainable new labour structures. 

In the context of this persistently increasing gap between a growing number of social crises and a limited and overloaded infrastructure of solutions, Change Fusion is a welcome relief. Led and founded by Ashoka Fellow Sunit Shrestha, Change Fusion is encouraging young people to take the lead in social sector work in Thailand. By creating space for youth lead social innovation Chang Fusion is empowering young people to tackle Thailand’s social and environmental problems head on.

One social enterprise incubated and supported by the programme is called Local Alike. They promote community based tourism for the preservation of local culture of native people while providing economic opportunities that create livelihoods. Youth in these remote communities are engaged to become leaders in developing community capacity to operate sustainable tourism programs. It provides platform and agency service to link the communities with the sustainability-focus tourists. It now works with over 50 communities across Thailand.

ToolMorrow is another innovative social enterprise supported by Change Fusion. The organisation uses social media – particularly viral videos – as a tool to creatively communicate social problems, particularly issues facing youth such as life skills and sex education, to youth audience. It has generated over five million views with over 150,000 followers on social media channels

The projects supported by Change Fusion have a wide array of focuses beyond economic empowerment. The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program (NHRCP) is directed at environmental action, in particular the preservation of coral reefs. Over the last few months bleaching, dying reefs have been increasingly prominent in world news. The bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia caused international outrage and concern around climate change. Utilizing a social enterprise model NHCRP has operated a diving school to fund the construction of 20 artificial reefs and 100 small habitats.

Change Fusion plays a critical role in growing an eco-system of small innovative enterprises to challenge the enormous social-environmental problems of South Asia. The challenges faced by young enterprises are not insignificant. Frequently founders, especially those from low income communities struggle to access capital, networking and mentorship opportunities. Sunit Shrestha also seeks to challenge the low profile of social sector based jobs in Thailand and East Asia. In a world where commerce and finance provide stable career choices, Sunit Shrestha is seeking to establish social enterprise as a viable and attractive option.

Shrestha’s mission to create a thriving solution-orientated social sector goes beyond grass roots activism – he also works at a structural level. Aware of the limited financing options for social enterprises in Thailand, and the complexities of legal frameworks, he is working with the Stock Exchange and various policy makers in order to create mechanisms and foundations for a long term change. He has also setup a social investment holding company in Thailand to invest in young social enterprises. With For Kon Thai Foundation and BBLAM, a fund management company under the Bangkok Bank, Shrestha has launched Thailand's first socially responsible investment mutual fund with a built-in venture philanthropy mechanism to support social organizations. The fund size is currently $45 million. He is also active in the formation of social enterprise support organizations in Southeast and East Asia that are collaborating to grow young social entrepreneurs across the region.

Sunit Shrestha is an Ambassador for the UBS Social Innovators programme and an Ashoka fellow.

This article was first published on on 25th July 2016.