Applications for the 2016 UBS Social Innovators program have now closed


Applications for 2016 have now closed. Sign-up to receive information about the 2017 competition and this year's successful applicants.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are 21 years of age or older
  • You are the social enterprise’s founder, co-founder, or equivalent team member with direct responsibility for key decisions
  • Your social enterprise has grown beyond the idea and start-up project stages and successfully finalized its proof of concept. Your product, process, or enterprise already has a track record within local communities or other markets
  • You have a full understanding of the problem you aim to solve, of other approaches that other social enterprises are already taking to solve it
  • You or your social enterprise are not subject to any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings or any proceedings relating to the protection of rights of creditors
  • Your social enterprise is not a political or religious organization and does not represent one
  • Your social enterprise was established in a country outside North, Central or South America or the Caribbean, irrespective of where it operates;
  • Preference will be given to social enterprises who have a connection to a country where UBS has an operating presence (see
  • You will submit your application in English. On request, language support will be provided to assist with the application
  • You confirm that you have read and  accept the official program terms of the UBS Social Innovators program