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Bringing some festive cheer to your finances

The festive season is now upon us.

And while Christmas is known for many things, why not take some time away from the chaos and spend some time looking ahead?

ISA accounts and why they should be essential in your financial plan for 2018

Are you looking to plan for your future, a sabbatical perhaps? Wanting to contribute to your daughter's university costs? Help your son by his first property?

Whatever your goal, If you’re thinking about investing or saving, an ISA might be a good place to start. 

Reporting on returns: an exclusive interview with Simon Read

We ask Simon Read, top finance journalist, on his approach to his own investments.

Is he as good at managing his own money as he is at reporting on investments to his thousands of readers?

Open your UBS SmartWealth account today

The price and value of investments and income derived from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

Life Goals Steps to get there

It's never too early – or too late- to think about your retirement

People often don't think about retirement until they are nearing the end of their working life. But our analysis shows that relying purely on mandatory pension systems no longer makes sense.

No matter where in the world you live, you are likely to face a pension gap – so what can you do?

How smart investment can help build your art collection

You don’t need to be a millionaire to build an art collection, but it can take time and money.

With smart investment, building your collection may be closer than you think. But how can long-term investing be an important accompaniment?

Planning for your child's university

Going to university in the UK is more expensive than it’s ever been. If you plan on being able to help your children with the costs, you may need to start saving sooner than you think.

But when is the best time to start?

Saving for your children’s future wedding

One of the great joys of family life is the wedding of a child. Parents should plan well ahead if they wish to give their child the wedding of their dreams.

Plan now for the dream sabbatical

As we have finally entered the Summer months, most people will start looking ahead to some time off. But what if you want a bit more than that?

A sabbatical of sporting Lions and real lions

Are you wishing you were on the Lions tour of New Zealand? Or are you sick of your other half pining to be there? Start planning now and you could be in South Africa for the next tour – with some extras thrown in for good measure.

Considering a sabbatical?

In our increasingly 'switched on' society, more and more people are taking such breaks to relax, escape, or simply try something new or different.

But you’ll need to give yourself time to plan ahead.

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Investment Views Latest view on market developments

Trump, one year on

It's been a year Donald Trump upset the polls to become President-Elect of the United States.

Here’s a brief rundown of how his move to the White House has helped and hit investors.

The dangers of following investment trends

The world of fashion shows how humans love to follow trends, and the world of investments is not too different.

But what makes your finances different from your wardrobe?

The financial crisis, 10 years on

We’re now 10 years on from the financial crisis. Its impact was wide-ranging, and led many people to re-consider the way they invest their money.

What learnings can we take away from it?

Find out more in this video.

Could the financial crash of 2007 be repeated?

The financial crisis of 2008 was one of the worst loss-making events of all time.

Is there a chance that it could happen again?

Find out more in this video.

How investments fared through the financial crisis

Despite the cyclical nature of the financial markets, history shows us that staying invested through periods of high market volatility has delivered higher returns in the long run.

Here’s a brief run through of how equities, bonds and cash fared since the last financial crisis in 2007.

Three vital lessons from the last decade

The impact of the financial crisis, which began in 2007, was wide-ranging, and made many people re-think their views on investing.

Here are three important lessons for investors to take away from the last 10 years.

Why invest now?

With some equity markets at record levels, why should you invest now?

Investing amid political uncertainty

The UK General Election has brought further uncertainty to markets which are still adjusting to an increasingly chaotic global political landscape. How can investors protect themselves and keep their long-term goals on track?

Cash isn’t king: investing for the long-term in a low interest rate world

With deposit rates close to zero, savers are under pressure. But there are alternatives to keeping your savings in cash. Investing in equities and bonds for the long term gives you the potential to earn investment returns that couldn’t be matched by keeping your money in a bank account.

Audio commentary of the day

Paul Donovan's daily audio comment discusses current issues that are affecting economies and financial markets around the globe.

Discover more Complex made simple

A trick-or-treat trick to teach your kids

Research shows that 80% of parents want to teach their kids about finance – but how can you avoid the scariness and instead bring the magic?

The surprising power of compounding: make your money work for you

Compounding – earning money on your earnings– is an important part of investing.

Keeping money under the mattress can get uncomfortable

The end of the old pound coin has brought into focus the amount of money we’re keeping under the mattress, or even in low-interest saving accounts.

But is there a smarter way of managing your money?

DIY investing: It's harder than it looks 

DIY investing is popular and there’s no shortage of online platforms to help you do it. But there are plenty of practical and psychological pitfalls to investing on your own.

All about you

A suit or dress grabbed off the peg, without checking whether it is a good fit, carries the risk of disappointment or worse still being unusable. The same is true of an investment strategy.

Active or passive?

This question lies at the heart of the great debates of the relative merits of 'active' versus 'passive' investing. Here’s what it’s about.

Cutting-edge Thought provoking views

UBS Nobel Perspectives: Insights from Nobel Laureates in Economics

Robert F. Engle III

Sit back and enjoy groundbreaking insights from Robert F. Engle and his fellow Laureates in Economics, as they tackle the question on everyone's mind - can we avoid financial crises in the future?

How women can best protect and grow their wealth

How much of a gap do gender differences create in women's finances? Can this gap be mitigated by making the right investment decisions?

Why millennials matter

Who are the millennials? What trends are they setting? And why do they matter to investors?

Does politics matter?

Does politics matter? That may seem an odd question when the first thing an economist does is check the Trump Twitter feed.

What Makes A Nation Rich?

'What makes a nation rich?' Is it simply a case of material wealth, or is it something more?