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The price and value of investments and income derived from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here are the ones we get asked the most.

UBS SmartWealth is a new kind of investing that combines digital wealth management with UBS's market leading expert insight.

We'll give you on-the-go, online access to your investments at all times. You'll get personalised advice based on UBS investment expertise and provide a new perspective on your wealth that focuses on your personal goals.

Setting up your UBS SmartWealth account is simple. You can apply with no paperwork, and won't need any face-to-face meetings. You can access your account at all times, and from any device you like. Should any questions or issues arise, our UBS SmartWealth Client Management Team is there to help and support you.

We take time to get to know your financial situation and personality, investment goals and time horizon to recommend a suitable investment strategy for you. We'll also check our investment advise to you annually to ensure that it remains right for you.

We offer you the choice between actively or passively implemented investments that are in line with your preferences.

UBS SmartWealth is centred on your own personal goals and helps you take a long-term perspective on your wealth. You can plan, add, remove, prioritise, and track your goals with a tool that gives you full transparency and confidence as you make your investment journey.

We also provide tools so that you can build a total view of your wealth in one place including assets held elsewhere.

ISA and ISA transfer

Investing in a stocks and shares ISA is a tax efficient way of saving money. Within an ISA 'wrapper' your investments can grow free of any capital gains tax and you do not pay any additional tax on any income generated (basic rate tax is deducted at source, so if you are a higher rate or additional rate tax payer no further tax is payable).

These tax 'wrappers' have annual limits for each tax year. However you can also transfer in the cash value of any ISAs you hold elsewhere from either the current financial year or past years.

If you’d like to invest more money than the annual ISA limit allows, you could consider a General Investment Account which will be subject to the applicable taxes.

General Investment Account (GIA)

A GIA is held outside of any tax wrappers such as ISAs or Pensions. As such, any gains or losses and any income derived from those investments will be taxed in line with your personal tax circumstances. Every person has annual tax allowances in relation to both income tax and capital gains tax, and it is worth considering your personal situation when deciding where to invest your money.

Remember that your investments in this account are subject to applicable taxes (when you buy and sell any of your investment) once you have used the capital gains and income tax allowances available to you.

To become a UBS SmartWealth client you will need to have:

  • an email address
  • a UK mobile number
  • UK tax resident status
  • a UK home address
  • a nominated UK bank account. All money paid into and taken out of your UBS SmartWealth account must come from and go to your nominated bank account
  • an initial minimum payment in of £15,000 made into your UBS SmartWealth account. The minimum top-up after that is £1,000

We are unable to offer UBS SmartWealth to anyone who currently pays US tax. This includes US citizens, Green Card holders and anyone born in the US who has not renounced their US citizenship.

UBS is the biggest wealth manager worldwide, and with UBS SmartWealth you get access to our full expertise. Our global reach and network of 1,000 investment experts allows us to monitor your investment constantly. We share our views with you and apply both local and global insights when managing your portfolio. The way we manage your investment will always reflect the latest developments around the world. Through our exclusive research and content you can learn and better understand the decisions we take - and why we feel they are the right ones for you.

As a UBS client in the UK you can enjoy UBS SmartWealth too. UBS SmartWealth provides a digital service that offers five discretionary strategy funds and the full flexibility to choose between actively and passively implemented UBS SmartWealth offers 24/7 access with a dedicated Client Management Team.

If you as an existing UBS client would like to sign up for a UBS SmartWealth account, please contact your Client Advisor who can tell you more. Please note that your existing advisor at UBS will not be able to view your UBS SmartWealth investments and cannot give you any advice in relation to it.

UBS SmartWealth gives you investment advice and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The questions we ask you about your financial situation and your investment aims have been carefully considered by our experts and the way we match our advice to your needs is regularly reviewed to ensure we are providing you with the best possible advice.

Please note that the accuracy of our investment advice is dependent on the information you provide us with, and therefore we invite you to take your time to think through our questions and to reply as accurately as possible.

If there are any changes to your personal circumstances, please call our UBS SmartWealth Client Management Team on 0800 145 6677, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. We can then re-initiate the investment advice process for you, which means that you will go back through the risk profiling questions for us to assess the impact of those changes on your investment strategy.

We do not provide tax advice.

The fees that you pay can be broken down into two core components.
The first one is the annual advisory account fee that is charged quarterly and varies depending on your invested assets as follows:

  • Below £100,000: 0.25% (annual basis)
  • Between £100,000 and £250,000: 0.15% (annual basis)
  • Above £250,000: 0.1% (annual basis)

The advisory account fee covers:

  • access to the UBS SmartWealth fund
  • the use of the UBS SmartWealth account itself including Wealth Planning functionality
  • custody of the fund shares
  • reporting and valuations
  • all transactions (e.g. additional buying of fund shares following payments into your accounts, as well as liquidation partially or totally of your holdings for withdrawals and account closure requests)
  • portfolio re-balancing by the investment manager through the sales or purchases of sub-funds advice received

The second type of fees are taken from within your fund investment, these are called the On-going Charges Figures (OCF) which include the costs of the fund itself and will vary depending on the underlying investments:

  • for passively implemented funds the OCFs are generally between 0.80% - 1.00% (annual basis)
  • for actively implemented funds the OCFs are generally between 1.15% and 1.75% (annual basis)

The On-going Charges Figures include:

  • remuneration of the fund manager (UBS in this instance) for investment services; this includes the strategic investment view of the Chief Investment Office and the investment instruments selection and on-going monitoring and management of the fund by the investment management team.
  • For actively implemented funds this is 0.6% for Fixed Income funds and 1% for all other funds
  • For passively implemented funds the fund manager's fees are 0.5% for all funds
  • fees of the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), the ACD oversees the governance of the fund itself
  • fees associated with Transfer Agency - these are fees due to dealing in the fund fees for the fund administrator, the fund administrator is responsible for calculating the value of the fund shares
  • depositary fees - the Depositary (or the trustee) of the fund is responsible for the safekeeping of the fund’s assets and, where applicable, appointment of a sub-custodian
  • audit fees and any other ongoing expenses arising from managing the funds

Up to date OCFs for all of the UBS SmartWealth funds are available on the respective Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs).

UBS SmartWealth does not charge entry or exit fees.

You can make a payment into your UBS SmartWealth account at any time using the CHAPS payment system. This is an electronic payment system used for fast, same day payments of any amount. The minimum initial payment into your UBS SmartWealth account is £15,000. Once you have made this initial payment, the minimum top-up amount is £1,000. You can find instructions and more details on our Funding your UBS SmartWealth account page.

You can withdraw money from your UBS SmartWealth account at any time by completing a withdrawal request online. The minimum amount you can withdraw is £1,000. You are required to leave a minimum balance of £1,000 or more in your UBS SmartWealth account following the withdrawal request.

We offer a range of possible investment funds. These funds are globally diversified investments that are composed of liquidity, bonds and equities. They are all specifically designed to meet a particular risk profile and we will recommend an investment strategy that best meets your individual requirements. In addition, you can choose between actively and passively implemented for any of our investment strategies. Both options are constantly assessed and optimised by our Chief Investment Office.

UBS SmartWealth is an offering from UBS AG which has one of the best Tier 1 capital ratios in the industry and is therefore a very safe custodian of your money. Any investments you have are held in a separately ring-fenced nominee account, so even if UBS were to go out of business your assets would not be affected and your investment would continue to be managed. In addition, any un-invested cash held in your account is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Schemes (FSCS) regulation up to their protected amount.

There is no minimum investment period and all our funds can be traded every day, which means that you can withdraw your money at any time. However, we believe that every investor should invest for the long term as we are generally trying to achieve a specific outcome for a particular time horizon. For more aggressive strategies we believe that you should hold an investment for longer than for a more conservative investment strategy, but it all depends on what your personal investment goals are and how long they will take to achieve.

Further information on the FSCS is available here (PDF, 3 MB) or you can visit www.fscs.org.uk.