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Find out now how to save smart even with low interest rates.

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  • Determine your financial goals and opportunities
  • Develop a tailor-made strategy to meet your personal needs
  • Personal proposal as hand over
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Expert advice, tailored to you

For interest rates on savings nowadays, it’s a zero that appears before the decimal point – so it pays to save smart. Find out now how to save smart even with low interest rates. Together, we will discuss various options and come up with a solution that’s geared to you – free of charge and with no obligations.

Tips for saving money

Practical tools and guides on the topic of saving

How long do you need to achieve your savings target? What’s saving all about? Use our investment calculator and order our guide.

Investment calculator

Save or invest – calculate online how an investment may perform compared with depositing your money in a savings account.

The ABCs of investing

Expertise, straight to the point – in our free guide we explain the basic rules of investing and offer practical tips for building up your assets.

Interesting articles on saving

UBS Insights magazine

Always stay up to date with money matters. An online guide for money matters, home ownership, pensions and investments. An informative and interesting read for clever savers.