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Do you have free resources that you want to invest successfully? Our tips will show you how to achieve investment success.

Do you want to accumulate assets in the long term? Become a successful investor thanks to our ideal approach, based on a comprehensive analysis of the investment markets and sound assessments which we make available to our clients.

We work alongside you to determine your investment strategy. In doing so, we put the main focus on your needs – or more specifically, your expected returns and risk appetite. Disciplined implementation will ultimately lead to long-term success. This means: choosing highly diversified investments, monitoring your portfolio and adjusting it if necessary, and not letting yourself be guided by your emotions.

Find out more about successful investment in our publication, «The ABCs of investing».

Invest on a regular basis

This is what our experts say

Andreas Staub, FehrAdvice & Partners

"It's impossible to guess the perfect time to invest. Watching people at stock exchanges is always fascinating: typical behavioral patterns that can be seen are herd instinct, over or underreactions to major price fluctuations, or intense emotions such as greed or a fear of loss. And amongst other things, these types of reaction cause people to buy when prices are high, or to sell when prices are low. However fascinating these observations may be, on average an investor is more successful when he shuts off his senses and follows a structured investment strategy."

Daniel Bregenzer, UBS

"Stock market prices go up. And down. Then up again. These fluctuations are closely linked to the economy, politics and other factors which even experts find hard to predict. You should therefore choose to regularly invest an amount that is in line with your investment profile. Staggering your investments over time allows you to even out fluctuations in value and benefit from the average cost effect.
For example if you invest the same amount on a regular basis, you will purchase fewer securities when prices are high, but will get more equities for your investment amount when prices are low. Taking a longterm view, on average you will benefit from lower cost prices and reduce the risk of picking precisely the wrong time to invest."

Don’t let your emotions be your guide

This is what our experts say

Andreas Staub, FehrAdvice & Partners

"Listen to your gut feeling. This advice is often very valuable in everyday life. But it's not so useful when faced with complex problems, such as those encountered on the equity markets. These markets don't work according to the rules of nature.
Emotions cause us to make irrational and illogical decisions. We perceive different types of price fluctuations in a different way, and attach much greater importance to figures in the red than to those in the black, even if we have just as many assets left at the end of the day. It's a matter of keeping a cool head and relying on the long-term outcome. Investors who are particularly worried about losing money should deliberately avoid analyzing large quantities of detailed information."

Daniel Bregenzer, UBS

"At UBS we have over 900 experts who analyze the financial markets. This worldwide network of analysts and investment professionals monitors the markets in every part of the world on a daily basis. Their observations and assessments are discussed in detail, and additional external experts are brought in to give their opinions in specific cases. This enables us to avoid emotional distortions, and instead make rational decisions which ultimately benefit our clients. You can find out more about our analysis work in our publication 'The ABCs of investing'".

Invest with a plan

This is what our experts say

Andreas Staub, FehrAdvice & Partners

"Patience is the decisive factor when it comes to investment success – there are studies to prove it. But even if we (intend to) follow goals we have set ourselves as part of a long-term strategy, we can be diverted from our plan by events that occur in the present.

Odysseus had himself tied to the mast of his ship so that he would not be tempted by the bewitching song of the sirens. The same principle still applies today: Nobel prize-winner Richard Thaler developed what is referred to as the «planner-doer model». To be successful, it takes far-sighted planning as well as «doer» qualities."

Daniel Bregenzer, UBS

"Studies prove that 80% of investment success is linked to an investment strategy that is implemented systematically and followed with discipline. A promising strategy depends first and foremost on your targets, needs, investment horizon and risk tolerance capacities. The ideal investment combination can be derived from these different elements.

Build on a sound strategy and stick to it in a disciplined manner even when faced with price fluctuations and personal doubts – this will allow you to reach your investment goals."

Spread your risks

This is what our experts say

Andreas Staub, FehrAdvice & Partners

"According to an old German saying, 'What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat.' People are naturally cautious and avoid danger. That's why we trust what is familiar to us, and tend to be critical towards things we are unfamiliar with. When it comes to equities, that can have 'costly' consequences if you fail to diversify enough. One particularly good example of this is only trusting equities on the domestic market. In some countries, this effect is so pronounced that investors have only a very low percentage of foreign securities, or even none at all, in their portfolio!"

Daniel Bregenzer, UBS

"Uncertainty is part of investing. The market is a risky place because it is subject to price fluctuations which are difficult to predict. You can protect yourself against these risks with a widely diversified portfolio. Diversification means taking a range of different asset classes into account in your portfolio, for example equities, bonds and hedge funds. You also need to diversify within each of these classes. For example you should invest in equities from different countries and industries to cushion any adverse trends. Of course you don't need to decide for yourself which securities to invest in, we can take care of that for you with solutions specially tailored to your needs!"

Don't wait for the perfect moment

This is what our experts say

Andreas Staub, FehrAdvice & Partners

"It's impossible to control the dynamics of the financial markets. Yet it is only human to want to create an illusion of control. This is a belief that certain processes can be controlled, even though it has been proven that it is impossible to influence them. Patterns of this kind are widespread everywhere, even when it comes to financial transactions. Wanting to guess the perfect moment for investing on the equity markets, or attempting to control investment success by choosing securities according to emotional considerations, are common errors that people make."

Daniel Bregenzer, UBS

"Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable, we advise our clients to focus on the long term by adopting an investment strategy. We discuss your expected returns and risk appetite with you, and take them as a basis for working out objectives together. If you have a widely diversified portfolio, invest regularly and follow your investment strategy in a disciplined manner, your investment prospects will be bright."

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The ABCs of investing

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