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These are Switzerland's top three savings tips.

"Adjust your settings so that reimbursements of healthcare costs from the health insurance company and doctor's bills are paid directly into your savings account. You've already paid the amounts anyway, and it's easy to simply forget about them, particularly the smaller amounts. It's a great feeling watching the balance of your savings account grow!"

Sabina V. (34)

"I pay myself first, and make myself 'poor' in the process. As soon as money arrives in my account, it gets transferred out of my payment account and into my investment account. Once all my other obligations and investment fund savings plan and 3a savings plan have been paid, I can see exactly what's left over for the month. That makes me very disciplined. Paying the full 3a amount reduces my tax bill so I can save even more."

Christian M. (36)

"It's important to imagine what you could afford to do with the money you save. By setting yourself objectives made up of different steps. For example if your dream is a trip to Australia, keep telling yourself month after month that the money you've set aside is enough to take you as far as Istanbul, then as far as Dubai, then as far as Singapore, etc."

Jérémy C. (30)

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"For everything from Christmas tree decorations or a snowboard to sandals, a garden table or any other seasonal items, always wait and buy them when the season's over and you won't be able to use them until the following year. You'll get a good discount because there'll be brand new collections coming out for the next season."

Christina M. (27)

"Organize clothing exchanges with friends. Lots of clothes are still in good condition, even if you don't like them anymore. I always find something in my friends' wardrobes that gives me the same feeling of excitement as if I'd bought a brand new item of clothing. And what's more, it's free!"

Dennis R. (26)

"Take a frugal friend with you when you go shopping. They will always have an excellent reason why you shouldn't buy a particular product, whatever it is, and will ward off any sales staff who try and persuade you otherwise. Thanks to their convincing arguments, you will find yourself seriously wondering: 'Do I really need this product?'"

Nadine B. (20)

"Open several smaller pillar 3 accounts with different maturity dates rather than one single account that you put all your money into. Then you'll pay less tax when the time comes to withdraw the funds."

Patrick D. (35)

"Pretend you need to pay an extra 20% tax to the government, but instead of paying the tax, put the money directly into an investment fund."

Rafael A. (23)

"Put all your loose change to one side and pay the coins regularly into a fund savings account. You'll have less weight to carry around, which is better for your back, and you’ll save money too."

Adrian Z. (53)

"When you've got tied-up capital that you can't withdraw until your retirement anyway, invest it sensibly instead of leaving it 'to rot' in your account."

Michael A. (34)

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