The sustainability strategy of UBS - ambitious, effective and achievable

Are you wondering how UBS's comprehensive environmental policy and ambitious climate change strategy was considered during the refurbishment of the UBS headquarters? We summarized for you all essential aspects on our sustainability strategy around the Bahnhofstrasse 45.

Making new from old: all monument-protected objects were carefully developed.

UBS received the LEED Platinum certificate - the highest level of certification under the international standard for sustainable, eco-friendly and resource-conserving construction.

Sustainable location since 100 years: attractive central location with excellent public transportconnections allows for an 8-minute walk to the main train station and 1-minute to the next tram stop.

Building shell insulation, new technical facilities and LED lighting result in energy savings of around 30%.

Water consumption is reduced by high efficient fixtures and rainwater collection for irrigation.

Responsible sourcing of materials: recycled and local materials as well as FSC-certified wood.

Healthy indoor air quality is ensured by using low emitting materials (e.g. furniture, carpets, paint).