Piggy banks

The adopted child

The Swiss German name "Sparkässeli" (piggy bank) is derived from the name of the savings bank to the city of Zurich - the first bank to distribute the later popular piggy banks. It was the Zürcher Kantonalbank who later acquired the Sparkasse. Hence the piggy bank is one of the adopted children in our collection.

Swiss Bank Corporation

The idea of the savings bank to the city of Zurich was later adapted by the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC).

Toggenburger Bank

UBS is closely related to the Toggenburg – the Bank in Winterthur merged with the Toggenburger Bank to form the  Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).


The UBS logo was used from the mid-1950s in different versions. Note the horizontal SBG for Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft, vertical UBS for Union de Banques Suisses / Unione di Banche Svizzere / Union Bank of Switzerland.


Later the logo was changed: horizontal UBS and vertical SBG.


The spherical piggy bank comes from the SBC and was handed out from 1970 to the late 1980s. 

Topsy the fox

Topsy the fox was launched as a stuffed figure from the SBC in 1989.


The piggy bank belonged to the Seeland-Bank, which was later acquired by the SBC.

Piggy bank

The pink piggy bank dates from the Bank in Langenthal, which was later acquired by the SBC. 

Piggy bank Topsy

The piggy bank Topsy is from 1990. With Topsy, the clever little fox, saving money becomes all the more fun for kids.

Wooden owl

Piggy bank of UBS made out of hardwood in form of an owl with an owlet. It was distributed by the Union Bank of Switzerland prior to the merger.  

Wooden fox

The wooden fox is the successor of Sebastian (ex-UBS) and Topsy (ex-SBC). The fox was the result of a market study to determine the symbol, which is most liked by customers.