Ruedi Egli as a young adult

Ruedi Egli joined UBS prior to the merger, in his teenage years, when in 1966 he started an apprenticeship at Bahnhofstrasse 45 with the Union Bank of Switzerland – today's UBS's headquarters. He quite vividly remembers the days when smoking inside was not yet frowned upon:

Ruedi Egli today

 "I was used to moving around during my apprenticeship, and so I knew the building like the back of my hand. My first job area was the filing department (registry) where around a hundred women sat filing data, while others were responsible for filling printers with copying paper in sets of forms – every day for hours and hours under strict surveillance. But, my most memorable experience –especially when looking back today – took place in the office at the corner of Nüschelerstrasse/Pelikanstrasse where a strong smell from the kitchen used to linger. Instead of advising us to open the windows, our line manager ordered all smokers to light a cigarette…"

As Ruedi Egli says: "times are changing".

PS: Ruedi Egli's son and daughter has followed in their father's footsteps and have been working for UBS for over 20 years.