Mirror mirror on the wall,
The prettiest building of them all?
It used to be so dark and gray,
Yet distinctive anyway,
A historic landmark, UBS, my bank,
Home to employees with every rank,
I passed it every morning on my way to school,
45 years ago, In the center of Zurich, so cool.
This was my bank!
Under construction now, working day and night,
It will take three years, and it will shine in a new light,
The result will amaze us, young and old,
Representing our strength, a real stronghold.
This will be my bank!
Environmentally friendly, with new design,
Still cherishing tradition, this building has always been mine,
I invite you to see it, take a look at it, please!
The best building in this city, my bank, three keys.
This is my bank!

The above picture shows Regula Hiltebrand-Boos during a hiking week in Davos in September 2016. Today, the nature-loving and sporty Regula is a prospective hiking guide.