Back in the days, D.M. worked for both the Union Bank of Switzerland and later for the Swiss Bank Corporation. She retired in 1997, only one year before the merger which resulted in today's UBS.

Take a look at her very personal pictures and see how life as a telephone operator used to be before we had Skype for Business or mobile phones.

D.M. today
Picture 1: 1959 – Union Bank of Switzerland. Bahnhofstrasse 45, switchboard in main hall on the side of the Hotel Carlton Elite. Back in the days telephonists had to work 48h/week including Saturday morning … and only had 14 days of holidays a year.
Picture 2: 1959 - Union Bank of Switzerland. D.M as a telephonist (second from the left).
Picture 3: 1962 - Union Bank of Switzerland. New switchboard, 4th floor.