The secrets in the stones guarding UBS headquarters

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Five allegorical figures, five basic elements – all look down from our UBS headquarters to the Bahnhofstrasse, yet have utterly different meanings.
Do you know what they stand for? 

Allegorical heads by Jakob Brüllmann
(Swiss sculptor, December 9, 1872 until December 28, 1938).

Interpretations by Christian Leitz, UBS's in-house historian – from left to right
(names in Greek):

Hephaestus – Industry (fire plus hammer and pliers)
Demeter – Agriculture (children and fruits)
Hermes – Trade (wings and golden rods with snakes)
Athena – Wisdom (children with book and owl)
Ares – Military (sword and quiver & arrows)

Find out more about the history of the UBS headquarters in 2017, when UBS will celebrate the building's 100th anniversery.