The UBS headquarters is covered with a white security net giving the building the appearance of a white cube. Find out more about the concept behind this.

Source: Martin Rütschi Photographer


The cladding of the façade of the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse 45 UBS headquarters, "Reflect", creates a visual break in midst of the hectic shopping environment and day-to-day business life. What appears to be old, crumpled paper becomes the representing façade during the construction phase. What would normally land in the recycle bin finds new meaning and use at a prominent location and – with its diverse structure – invites viewers to pause, contemplate and reflect.

Setting an example for sustainability

The façade will not simply be disposed of once construction is complete, but rather it will be re-used in the form of raw material: The net-like cover will be cleaned and processed into attractive unique pieces. With the "Upcycling-Project" UBS is actively investing into sustainability and our environment.