Where does the name “Münzhof” come from?

When you hear Münzhof (the Mint), you immediately think of a place where coins are minted. The name of the UBS headquarters is indeed derived from the former mint of the nearby Augustiner Church. In 1917 this inspired the owners to name the new Zurich branch of the Union Bank of Switzerland ”Münzhof”. Today it refers to the historical counter hall.

On the occasion of the impressive new building’s opening, the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote that the name suggests that the rolling coin would set the tone at a place previously dedicated to quiet tranquility and silent work.

In a certain way, the newspaper’s assertion was confirmed: Banking flourished and in 1945 the Union Bank of Switzerland moved its headquarters from Winterthur and St. Gallen to Münzhof at Bahnhofstrasse 45 in Zurich.

Münzhof has preserved its historical spirit to this day. Even after the building’s recent renovation, you can still feel over a century of history in these old walls.