Selected delicacies? Definitely!

To launch a new restaurant or café in Zurich is a bold move indeed, due to the already enormous number of culinary options available. You need to be quite confident that you will perform better than the competition in the surrounding area.

The managers of the new Bar 45 at the UBS headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse 45 in Zurich are well aware of this. But the creative minds of ”raumzuerich” have already proven to be masters of their trade elsewhere – for example with their popular restaurants La Stanza on Bleicherweg and Rivington & Sons in Prime Tower.

The secret to their success is quality. Many glass doors in the city claim to have the ”best coffee in town” – but the baristas at raumzuerich know how to brew one of Zurich’s best coffee roasts (their own blend).

But at the new Bar 45 in the new UBS headquarters, the young entrepreneurs serve much more than just delicious coffee. Fresh baked goods such as brioches are served at the 12-meter bar from 7 a.m., savoury signature sandwiches at noontime, and in the evening a variety of small Mediterranean dishes such as octopus salad, meatballs, and pata negra ham. To drink, visitors are served various beers, cava, and cocktails – the food and drink are as tasty as they are unpretentious, though both are held to the highest quality standards. A good match for the house, the building, and the bank. Tip: Take note of the new gourmet destination for your next trip to Zurich.