Getting ready!

The refurbishment of the UBS headquarters has taken three years. A long time for our clients to wait, and an eternity for our employees and directors, who have been working in nearby offices for all that time.

Sabine Keller Busse opens UBS headquarters

You can tell how excited they were about the reopening from a small but smart campaign mounted by the in-house creative team. Five pictures showed everyone – from the Group CEO Sergio Ermotti to the client advisers – giving us a wink as they played their part in ensuring that the whole building would be ready in all its glory on the long-awaited day, 3 December 2018.

While two members of the Group Executive Board, Martin Blessing and Axel Lehmann, are shown being instructed by a colleague in how to hang the artworks and make sure they're straight, other employees are moving into their new offices – putting writing materials and files on the shelves, toothbrushes and umbrellas in their lockers. Group Executive Board member and Chief Operating Officer Sabine Keller Busse had the honor of opening the doors again after such a long time and saying: "Yes, we're open!"