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Completed fund mandates in 2019

Veritas Capital Fund VII

Middle Market buyout

Final close: October 2019

$6.5  billion

One Equity Partners VII

Middle market buyout

Final close: October 2019

$1.75 billion

OpenGate Capital Partners II

Corporate divestitures and complex situations

Final close: October 2019

$585 million

Varsity Healthcare Partners III

US healthcare buyout

Final close: August 2019

$417 million 

Butterfly Fund II

Food sector focus

Final Close: June 2019

$521 million

Nexus Point Partners Fund I

Greater China middle market buyout

Final close: June 2019

$464 million


Growth private equity mid-market

Final close: May 2019

$8.5 billion 


Aerospace, transportation and logistics

Final Close: March 2019

$575 million

C Bridge Healthcare Fund IV

China healthcare-focused

Final close: March 2019

$852 million 

Emerald Lake Grizzly Acquisition I

Asset-light land-use conversion business

Final Close: February 2019

$280 million 

Strattam Capital Investment Fund II

Lower middle market information technology

Final close: February 2019

$231 million

SK Capital Partners V & SK Capital Partners Overage V

Chemicals, materials and pharmaceuticals

Final close: January 2019

$2.0 billion

InvAscent Capital Partners Fund III

India healthcare-focused sector fund

Final close: January 2019

$250 million

Ascendant Capital Partners Fund III

China middle market growth and buyout

Final close: December 2019

$950 million


Completed fund mandates in 2018

Avista Capital Partners IV

Healthcare focused buyout fund

Final Close: January 2018

$775 million

Dymon Asia Private Equity Fund II

Southeast Asia lower middle market fund

Final close: April 2018

$450 million

Greystone Senior Debt Opportunity Fund

Real estate debt fund

Final close: June 2018

$750 million

Soundcore Capital Partners Fund II

North American focused lower middle market buy and build

Final Close: July 2018

$350 million

Aterian Investment Partners III

US middle market turnaround fund

Final close: July 2018

$355 million

MSouth Equity Partners IV

US lower middle market buyout fund

Final close: October 2018

$940 million

Blue Torch Credit Opportunities Fund I

Direct lending to "companies in transition"

Final close: December 2018

$745 million


Completed fund mandates in 2017

LightBay Investment Partners

US middle market flexible capital fund

Closed on all LPs: December 2017

$600 million

HCI Equity Partners V

US lower middle market buyout fund

Final Close: November 2017

$405 million

Lightyear Fund IV

US middle market financial services buyout

Final Close: November 2017

$957 million

GI Partners Fund V

Middle market buyout fund

Final close: November 2017

$2.7 billion

Accent Equity 2017

Nordic middle market focused fund

Final close: October 2017

SEK 3,000 million

HPE Growth Capital Fund II

Benelux and German growth capital

Final Close: June 2017

€192 million

Amulet Capital Fund I

North American middle market healthcare buyout

Final close: June 2017

$288 million

CMC Capital Fund II

China media-focused sector fund

Final close: June 2017

$600 million

Graham Partners IV

US lower middle market industrial technology and manufacturing

Final close: May 2017

$550 million

CIP Capital Fund II

Business information and business services buyout

Final close: February 2017

$415 million

Veritas Capital Fund VI

Middle market buyout fund

Final close: February 2017

$3.5 billion

Sumeru Equity Partners Fund I

Growth buyouts in the technology middle market

Final close: January 2017

$415 million