Bucks for beans: coffee prices from São Paulo to Shanghai

Every morning millions of people worldwide kickstart their day with a cup of hot coffee. They line up patiently in coffee shops waiting to receive a cardboard mug with their name written on it. After adding a pinch of sugar and a dash of milk, they're good to get caffeinated.

Whether in Hanoi's bustling alleyways or New York's hip Lower East Side, hardly anyone can say no to good java (full disclosure: by the time of writing this article, our author had consumed four cups already). In our study, we asked our local experts how much a cup of the beverage in a typical coffee shop costs. We compare a black coffee (Americano) of regular size, excluding the cost of sugar and milk.

The results are surprising. But see for yourself.

Most expensive cities

3. Dubai

PriceUSD 5.70

Third on our list is the Middle Eastern economic powerhouse.

2. Copenhagen

PriceUSD 6.24

Runner-up is Copenhagen. A good cup of coffee will cost you a lot – but definitely adds to a warm hygge feeling.

1. Doha

PriceUSD 6.40

The capital of Qatar tops the list. Here, people have to spend a small fortune for a coffee.

Cheapest cities

75. Rome

PriceUSD 0.99

Italy's capital is known for superb coffee at low cost. If you stand at the bar, a quick coffee is only 99 cents. That's great value for money.

76. Lisbon

PriceUSD 0.74

Another European city known for low coffee prices is the Portuguese capital. At that price it is impossible not to indulge.

77. Lagos

PriceUSD 0.62

The largest city in Nigeria has the lowest coffee prices in the world. At 62 cents a cup your daily jolt doesn't get any cheaper unless you brew it yourself!

Notable mentions

13. Jakarta

PriceUSD 4.10

Coffee shops in Indonesia's mega capital ask a lot for a regular coffee. Ironically, Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee exporter in the world, and cities in other top coffee-exporting nations such as Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia sell the drink much cheaper: São Paulo is 69th at USD 1.50 per cup, Hanoi is 67th and Bogotá 64th.

49. / 51. Montreal, Toronto

PriceUSD 2.38 / 2.23

Both Canadian cities offer reasonable coffee options despite ranking higher in prices for other goods.

Coffee prices around the world ranked from most expensive to the least

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