Here's how long you have to work around the world to afford an iPhone X

It's 2018 and finding someone who doesn't own a smartphone is like finding someone who lives under a rock. In fact, were René Descartes alive today, he'd probably rephrase his proof of existence: iPhone therefore I am. We're all globally connected and plugged in, and rely on our phone to be our music player, road guide, communication device, Netflix streamer and encyclopedia regardless of whether we are in a crowded metro of Beijing, on a highway in Panama City or on a beach in Tel Aviv.

Now that a smartphone has become such an integral part of our lives, the question becomes how long we have to work to buy one.

To calculate this we analyzed two things: the price of an iPhone* in a given city and an average salary in that city across 15 professions (for the full list click here). We then combined the numbers to derive the number of days you'd have to work in each city to purchase the latest version of the iPhone X.

Explore the differences among the global cities, below. Note that we calculate an average workday based on eight paid hours.

Price of an iPhone in working days across the world

Prices and Earnings 2018 cost of an iphone around the world

*While the iPhone is just one of the many globally available options, we used it as a representative product in our study to compare cost of living worldwide.

*The previous version of this story incorrectly indicated that residents of Lagos would need to work 133.3 days to afford an iPhone. In the corrected version, this number refers to the residents of Cairo.

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