Dinner in Paris, party in Miami: the cheapest and priciest cities for a night out

There are different ways to unwind after a long week. Some people prefer enjoying a nice dinner with a bottle of wine and going out afterward to the movies. Others head to a cool bar to pregame for a few drinks, continue on to a trendy club to dance and end the night in a taxi devouring a Big Mac. Or maybe you favor doing both – dinner on Friday, jump styling on Saturday. Why choose? And what if you wanted to spend these weekend nights on the town in Tokyo, Sydney or Barcelona? See our list for how much your night would cost.

Most expensive Friday night (cost for two people): Tokyo, New York and Stockholm

In all three cities, dinner for two at a pleasant restaurant costs more than USD 100 (New York is the priciest at USD 144, including tip). A bottle of wine also doesn't come cheap, especially in Tokyo where it will set you back USD 60. Cinema prices in all three cities cost around 16 US dollars, which brings the grand total of your Friday night out to around USD 200.

Cheapest Friday night (cost for two people): Prague, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro

Here you can wine, dine and catch the latest blockbuster or indie flick all for under USD 100 for two people. Mexico City is especially affordable – a multi-course meal for two costs only 55 US dollars, and cinema tickets are a bargain at around USD 4 per person. In Prague you will likely pay the least for your bottle of wine (USD 24).

Most expensive Saturday night (cost for one person): Zurich, Stockholm and Miami

Partying doesn't come cheap in the Swiss and Swedish cities. At around USD 27 for a club entry, USD 35 for a couple of drinks and the most expensive cab rides around, your night will lighten your wallet by nearly USD 100 for you alone. Miami is not too far off either. Prepare to shell out USD 40 just to enter one of its famous nightclubs down on Ocean Drive.

Cheapest Saturday night (cost for one person): Moscow, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro

Russia's capital is not cheap but you enter most clubs for free, so your Saturday adventure can wind up pretty affordable if you pass the merciless "face control." Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, the cheapest cities for a nonstop Friday and Saturday revel, recommend themselves as great weekend destinations. But don't discount Paris and Sydney – it's not as pricy to party there as you might think.

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