Seven global prices that will surprise you

An iPhone costs twice as much in São Paulo as in Panama City

In Brazil's biggest city, you would pay USD 2,002.99 for the latest iPhone X compared to USD 940.20 in Panama's capital.

It's very expensive to dine out in New York…

Once you factor in all the tips and taxes, a three-course dinner for two in the Big Apple costs USD 144.03, 11 times more than in Nigeria's capital Lagos.

…but you can stay home, watch Netflix and chill

New York has the second-lowest price for a high definition TV set on our list – you can buy a 40 inch LED at a local store for only USD 323.

Jakarta is the best place to go to the movies

A trip to the cinema in Indonesia's capital will cost you only USD 3.60. So you can watch the latest Avengers movie for less than you would pay for a box of popcorn in London.

Istanbul has the cheapest chicken on our list

Turkey is neither the biggest chicken exporter (no pun intended) nor the biggest chicken consumer, but here you can get a whole kilogram of frying chicken for as little as USD 1.95.

Oil-rich Norway actually has the highest gasoline prices

You can buy 5.2 liters of gasoline in Cairo (USD 0.38 per liter) for the price of 1 liter in Norway's capital, Oslo (USD 2.01 per liter).

For the price of one mail stamp in Denmark you can send 18 letters in India

It costs USD 1.45 to post a local letter from Copenhagen, while in Mumbai, for only 8 cents, you can mail a missive as far as 3,200km inside the country. This is great news for lovebirds and pen pals.

All data is based on Prices and Earnings, edition 2018. To learn more about the data and how it was gathered, click here.

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